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  • With 15 years' practice, we got all expertise to fulfil client in different field, we are specialist in marketing and promotion giveaway USB memory sticks, Iotech devoted to providing our clients with exceptional personalized service when it comes to creatingproducts and ideas that reflect their company status and brand image. We always bring your idea to life. Here's some case study.

    1.KFC Customized USB Memory Stick.

    KFC in Venezuela want to enlarge their share in fast food field but, after many trail and failure, they always got a luckewarm result, after which they turn to us for a customized USB based on their classic logo, now Venezuela KFC got a better market share due to the software which was put in the USB memory stick, this software can update new coupon for user,

    2.Batman-The Dark Knight Rise

    The Dark Knight Rise(TDKR) is the most expected episode for The Batman, but it will face competition with many blockbuster film series like Spideman, Prometheus, and The Expendables, in order to draw the first blood,  TDKR group tur to us and made a batch of customize USB memory stick based on the Batman logo, they use this as a gift to people who  attend their film researches questionair, thus before they hit the theater, they already got a good advertising, which was financially friendly,

    3.Sony Tablet,

    Sony plan to launch 2 Android tablet in the 4th quarter of 2011, they know people are all get tired with traditional TV advertising, so they turn to us for solution, we made a customized design based on their idea, which gave their launching campaign lot of strength, you can even see it on th Newspaper of Singapore.

    4.Philips Lighting,

    Philips want to strech their leg before their fiscal year coming, they wrestle around but still got no brilliant idea of how this proceed, we offered they a customized design USB memory stick based on their Eco-friendly light, Philips push this to their agent, authorized seller and then got a good result in the edge of fiscal year,

    5.Alibaba Member Training,

    As a 4 year gold member of Alibaba group, we are delighted to make a customized USB memory stick for their new developed member training campaign, the color was oriented from the company color of Alibaba-Orange,

    6.We are always here for you.

    Please do not take Iotech as a big brand chaser, we always ready to provide customized and professional services to client from any field, any country, actually we alredy made it, we satisfied nemerous client all over the world, if there's any chance to provide sevice to people on the Moon, then we will be the first one to make it,

    We are alway here for you!

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